Canndy Shop THC Mini Chocolate Brownies Cookies Edibles

  • THC 100mg


Chocolate Brownies. 2 per bag, 50mg of THC per brownie

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Canndy Shop Edible THC Chocolate Brownies are soft, moist, and deliciously infused with THC. Using high quality THC distillate and premium milk chocolate, it’s next to impossible to have just one bite. These edibles are a delicious way to ignite your tastebuds and senses.
They are made to order including packaging that is heat sealed so it arrives to you fresh and ready to eat. Getting baked has never tasted so good.
Each pack contains 2 THC Chocolate Brownies with a total of 50mg of active THC (25mg each brownie).
Recommended Dosage: Begin with a smaller amount to gauge the effect of the edible over the first hour. It may take up to an hour to feel the full effects of a cannabis edible. Please wait at least 1 hour before redosing.
Storage Instructions: For best results, eat as soon as possible, or please store somewhere cool and dry.